We offer a variety of Lawn Services to both commercial and residential clients. We are always ready to lend a happy hand in helping your business or home have the best looking lawn on the block, and it starts with choosing the right Lawn Service team. Please find the full list of different Lawn Services that we have to offer below. As always, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call with any questions. We always have a friendly voice ready to answer your wildest landscaping questions.

Our clients are confident and worry-free in knowing that customer service comes first. Whether that means reliably delivering service that exceeds expectations or offering a solution for all of their landscaping wants and needs. As soon as you sign up with Mow-It-Alls for any of your outdoor service needs, you’ll notice the difference: managers with the experience to solve any outdoor issues and offer insightful solutions, crew leaders who take distinct pride in their work, and a corporate attitude that puts the customer first, every step of the way.

Lawn Care

The Mow-It-Alls brand-defining lawn care services offer all of our clients the region’s sharpest-looking turf, all delivered for a great price.


The Mow-It-Alls brand-defining lawn care services offer all of our clients the region’s sharpest-looking turf, all delivered for a great price.


Whether your needs include installing, diagnosing or maintaining an irrigation system, our sprinkler specialists are ready and able to assist you.

Lawn Health Services

Mow-It-Alls goes above and beyond mowing by delivering consistent results in overall turf care. Contact us today about aerations, over-seeding and other lawn health services.

Patio Construction

Is it time to take your property to the next level? Transform your space and maximize its potential by working with Mow-It-Alls to install a new patio at your home or business.

Drainage Services

Don’t let water ruin your lawn, landscape or structure! Our landscaping designers have the solutions to efficiently and correctly solve your drainage issues.

Lawn Mowing

If you’re looking for that clean, striped look, come to the professionals who “Mow-It-All!” We’ll come to your turf and make it ours by delivering consistent, manicured results.

Retaining Walls

If it’s time to provide your property with the structure it needs, Mow-It-Alls can deliver; with sound quality and aesthetics that will stand for decades to come.


If you want to give your lawn a boost, Mow-It-Alls has all of your solutions, with custom-tailored plans that deliver in both turf health and weed control. Call today for a free custom quote!


With service scopes ranging from maintenance to design and installation; the Mow-It-Alls landscaping department prides itself on delivering quality, reliability and consistency in all projects.


It’s more than our famous “Mulch Madness” promotion; it doesn’t have to be basketball season for a great rate on mulch. Contact us to find out why we’re Mid-Missouri’s first choice in mulch.

Snow Removal

Mow-It-Alls prides ourselves on delivering winter after winter by holding true to even the most demanding deadlines. Our robust fleet keeps us ahead of schedule when it matters most.


At Mow-It-Alls, we believe that a professional approach to all aspects of our work is what sets us apart.
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