Pressure Washing Services

Our services are designed to enhance the appearance and longevity of your property through thorough and professional cleaning.

Services Offered

We are pleased to offer the following comprehensive pressure washing services on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual schedule:

For Your Business:

1. Exterior Building Washing:
- Removal of dirt, grime, and mold from exterior walls and siding.
- Specialized cleaning solutions tailored to different surfaces to prevent damage.

2. Sidewalk and Walkway Cleaning:
- High-pressure washing to remove stains, gum, and debris from sidewalks and walkways.
- Ensures a clean and safe environment for customers.

3. Dumpster Pad Cleaning:
- Intensive cleaning to eliminate odors, stains, and bacteria from dumpster areas.
- Enhances sanitation and reduces pest attraction.

4. Patio and Outdoor Seating Area Cleaning:
- Thorough cleaning of outdoor dining areas, including tables, chairs, and flooring.
- Creates an inviting and hygienic space for customers.

5. Parking Lot Cleaning:
- Removal of oil stains, dirt, and litter from parking areas.
- Improves the overall appearance and safety of the parking lot.

6. Window Cleaning:
- Spotless cleaning of exterior windows for a clear, streak-free finish.
- Enhances visibility and curb appeal.

7. Roof Softwashing:
- Gentle, low-pressure washing to remove moss, algae, and dirt from the roof.
- Protects roofing materials and prolongs their lifespan.

For Your Home:

1. Exterior House Washing:
- Safe and effective cleaning of home exteriors, including siding, brick, and stucco.
- Removes mildew, mold, and dirt to restore the home’s appearance.

2. Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning:
- High-pressure washing to remove stains, algae, and grime from driveways and sidewalks.
- Enhances curb appeal and safety.

3. Deck and Patio Cleaning:
- Thorough cleaning of wooden and composite decks, patios, and outdoor furniture.
- Prepares outdoor living spaces for use and enjoyment.

4. Fence Cleaning:
- Removal of dirt, mold, and algae from wooden, vinyl, and metal fences.
- Restores original look and prevents deterioration.

5. Gutter Cleaning:
- Clearing of debris and buildup from gutters and downspouts.
- Ensures proper water flow and prevents damage to the home’s foundation.

6. Roof Softwashing:
- Low-pressure washing to safely clean roofs and remove unsightly growths.
- Maintains the integrity and appearance of roofing materials.

7. Window Cleaning:
- Exterior window and screen cleaning for a crystal-clear view.
- Uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Environmental and Plant Protection

We prioritize the health of your plants and the environment. Prior to washing, we heavily water plants and lawns to prevent them from absorbing any chemicals. After the wash, we rinse all plants thoroughly to ensure their safety. Additionally, we use environmentally safe chemicals that are effective in cleaning while being gentle on the environment.


At Mow-It-Alls, we believe that a professional approach to all aspects of our work is what sets us apart.
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