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by Mow-It-Alls
January 31, 2020

If there you’re looking for a fast, easy solution that can immediately boost curb appeal, it’s mulch. This landscaping solution offers you more than just a fresh look at a great price – mulch helps shrubs and flowers by limiting weed growth and retaining soil moisture.

Landscaping, when properly maintained, can be one of a property’s greatest assets. When things get out of control, those same regions can drag down a property in immediate, profound ways. Weeding and trimming shrubs are a place to start, but beds fail to produce good results in the “wow” department when utilizing bare dirt. This is where mulch comes into play. It offers you the ability to easily and quickly install a ground cover that is both colorful and contrasting in color to the plants in your beds.

In addition to providing a fresh, clean look to the beds and accentuating the color in your landscape, mulching gives the soil a barrier from the drying effects of sun, keeping moisture in the soil where plants need it most. This can really help plants when droughts begin affecting plants in the summer months. Mulching can also help with weed growth by reducing the amount that appears in your beds and making maintenance easier.

If you’re looking to give your beds a fresh look, choose mulch – with a variety of colors and textures, you can personalize your landscape and improve the look of your home.

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