Our Fertilization Services

When it comes to lawn health, Mow-It-Alls offers property-tailored applications to combat a wide variety of weeds and invasive pests like grubs and moles. We work with one of Mid-Missouri’s finest suppliers of fertilizers and herbicides to provide each customer with the highest quality turf products. Our trained and certified team members are ready to serve an of your lawn health needs.

Signing up for a fertilization plan with Mow-It-Alls is the best way to keep your lawn looking fantastic year-round. Our fertilization specialists will build a plan that works well for your lawn, taking into account factors such as tree cover and soil pH. This attention to detail allows us to make sure your lawn is receiving the nutrients it needs.

In the fall and spring, it’s important to make sure that you cover each part of your lawn’s needs. At Mow-It-Alls, full-service lawn care is our goal. We offer spring and fall aerations to open up your lawn’s root system. This gives it the ability to absorb more nutrients. We pair our aerations with tailored fertilization applications and over-seeding using the highest-quality fescue blends that are changed annually to match our region’s particular needs for each specific year.

Estimates for each of our lawn health services can be completed online using our aerial estimation software – contact us today for a quick quote!