A great way to take your lawn to the next level is through the use of an irrigation system. Look no further than Mow-It-Alls’ team of specialists for your Lawn’s irrigation needs. Whether the job includes maintenance, diagnostics or new installation, the Mow-It-Alls specialists have the expertise and the certifications you want. From the spring start-up, to the fall blowout and shutoff, our trained technicians will provide you with the quality work you’ve come to expect at competitive rates.

A complete lawn management system includes getting your turf the correct moisture to ensure growth and overall health. Take the next step in beautifying your lawn and landscape by using Mow-It-Alls for your irrigation needs.


In order to fully serve customers’ lawn service needs, Mow-It-Alls began the installation of irrigation systems by hiring one of Mid-Missouri’s most seasoned irrigation professionals. Our team is certified on several premier systems. These systems include Hunter, Rain Bird and Toro. This means that your property will have the best in technology and performance. Pair this with the certified and warrantied installation from your one-stop shop in complete lawn care.


Maintenance begins with our skilled technicians skillfully diagnosing any irrigation issues you have. The next step is efficiently and properly repairing any and all issues. By using the Mow-It-Alls irrigation team, you’re ensuring that your sprinkler system will not only be repaired properly, but at an extremely competitive rate. With our skilled and diligent team, there’s no irrigation repair too big or too small.

Diagnostics & Repair

The first step in a proper and efficient repair is the diagnosis. Ensuring that your system’s issues are correctly diagnosed with a comprehensive report where any and all discovered issues are brought to your attention. Our irrigation manager has over a decade of diagnostic experience and is certified on many of the major irrigation systems such as Rain Bird, Hunter and Toro. This expertise is critical when it comes to the diagnosis and eventual repair of your system. Once our team has properly diagnosed the problem, we will quickly work to repair the system to keep your lawn looking its best.


At Mow-It-Alls, we believe that a professional approach to all aspects of our work is what sets us apart.
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