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Mow-It-Alls began in 2014 when co-owner Braden Tyrer moved to Columbia to attend the University of Missouri. Mow-It-Alls’ first location was a dorm room at Mizzou, with a few parking spots in a student lot. Braden began knocking on doors around Columbia – it’s estimated he knocked on over 1200 doors in the fall of 2014! 
By implementing the latest industry-specific technology and providing fantastic quality, Mow-It-Alls began to grow quickly. In 2016, Cameron Phillips, a Columbia native and 12-year industry veteran, came on as co-owner and merged in his own company. As of 2017, the duo and their team maintain over 220 commercial and residential accounts for lawn maintenance, lawn health, landscaping and snow removal services.

At Mow-It-Alls, we believe that a professional approach to all aspects of our work is what sets us apart. From the very first time a client reaches out to our company, they are greeted with a helpful and friendly atmosphere where customer service comes first. Our use of technology sets us apart; from the very start – some companies can take days to come out and bid a job, but at Mow-It-Alls, most of our services are bid using a GPS-driven estimation software. This means faster pricing, faster scheduling and faster servicing for our clients! Instead of taking 24-48 hours for a bid, clients can get accurate pricing information for services such as lawn care, snow removal and fertilization services in a little as 60 seconds.
Client needs are always changing – that’s why Mow-It-Alls uses tablets with internet access in the cabs of each crew – this allows our team to immediately adapt to client needs as they arise. It allows us to be more hands-on with the type of servicing each of our accounts receives. No post-it-notes or frantic phone calls out to managers – even the most minute details and service notes are immediately sent out to our crews so that we can best service client needs.

Finally, our managers are paid using a salary system that has revolutionized the industry for our business. Managers are paid a percentage of every property they mow. This has greatly increased the pay for managers within our company, and as a result, we’ve been able to hire the most qualified and skilled managers in the area to service our properties. Better talent, training and experience mean consistent quality and professionalism in your lawn care experience. Our managers take pride in the properties they service and are fined for any customer complaints – this system has virtually eliminated complaints and has created an outstanding experience for our clients.
At Mow-It-Alls, we believe that a professional approach to all aspects of our work is what sets us apart.
PO Box 647,
Ashland, MO 65010.
(573) 673-5634
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